Extenuating Circumstances Forms & Documents

If you experience circumstances that may affect your ability to perform in assessments you may be able to apply for Extenuating Circumstances.
Extenuating circumstances are defined by the University as “Exceptional circumstances which are outside the control of the student and which have prevented, or will prevent, him/her from performing in assessment at the level expected or required of him/her.” So, if you are unable to submit an assessment by the deadline, or undertake a test or exam on the appropriate day you may need to consider applying for extenuating circumstances.

If you are requesting extenuating circumstances:

  • Claim forms and guidance notes are available in this page.
  • The claim must be presented by you as soon as the circumstances arise.
  • All circumstances must be supported by evidence from an independent source.
  • It is your responsibility to seek and provide evidence. Forms will not be accepted without evidence attached. Where evidence is not provided in English or Welsh, it is your responsibility to provide a certified translated copy.

A successful claim may involve extending a deadline, or offering you a Non-Submission where you will be given the opportunity to retake a piece of assessment at the next available opportunity, e.g. the summer re-sit period. However, you should note that you cannot ask for the original piece of work to be re-graded.

More information can be found at the University of South Wales Advice Centre.

For further questions you can email us at academicaffairs@unic-online.com

Extenuating Circumstances – Documents:

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