MSc Business Psychology

This unique course provides the opportunity to focus on a range of organisational behaviours and apply psychological theory and practice to key issues that affect the internal and external functioning of organisations. Not only will you learn about the theory and research which exists in business psychology, but you have the chance to apply this to your own working experiences.

The programme offers a psychological perspective to understanding key organisational functions such as leadership, organisational culture, change management, marketing and communications. It is a very practical programme which encourages students to consider the application of psychological research evidence to their own working case studies and workplace interventions for change.

This course applies to a broad range of sectors and is designed for anyone wishing to understand more about the underpinning psychological research and mechanisms for employees, organisations and business practices.

What you will study

Certificate Stage (3 modules)

The Certificate stage involves completion of the following module:

  • Psychological Theory and Applications in the Workplace: For this module you will draw on the work of classical and contemporary researchers in the field of organisational behaviour. You will explore core themes and concepts in relation to various working environments.

Plus two additional modules from the following:

  • Effective Communication within Organisations: On this module you will examine models of communication and some of the barriers to communication which exist in organisations. You will develop and evaluate practical strategies to carry out internal communication audits and accompanying practical interventions based on psychological evidence.
  • Developing and Managing External Communication:This module will examine how organisations communicate with many and varied external contacts. You will focus on issues such as advertising and marketing and the psychological impact strategies have on consumer behaviour.
  • Leadership in 21st Century Organisations: The changing nature of organisations and the response of leaders to such changes will be studied on this module. You will examine psychological models of leadership and evaluate them in terms of their contribution to approaches in leadership. You will also analyse the language and behaviour of leaders in ensuring effective leader/employee relations.
  • Managing Organisational Culture and Change: For this module you will study both internal cultural issues which arise and impact on an organisation and its identity, as well as the relevant psychological processes for managing change in organisations across a range of scenarios and experiences.
  • Healthy Organisations

Diploma Stage (3 modules)

The Diploma stage will require you to complete a further two modules from the Certificate stage plus the following:

  • Research Methods
  • Project Management Skills for use in Organisations

Masters Stage

  • Dissertation: You will carry out a piece of empirical research within an organisation, or with a working population, where psychological theory and/or interventions are applied.

Educational Aim

  • To develop students’ knowledge and understanding of both seminal and contemporary key psychological concepts, theories and approaches in Business Psychology.
  • To facilitate the development of analytical, evaluative and professional skills in relation to the study of Business Psychology.
  • To provide students with the necessary research skills to undertake research in various areas within Business Psychology.
  • To encourage students to work both independently and collaboratively in order to develop personal and interpersonal skills.
  • To provide appropriate employability and/or professional development competencies relevant to the application of Business Psychology.
  • To provide supportive, stimulating and diverse learning experiences.
  • To ensure that students’ proposed Business Psychology practice is underpinned by relevant psychological


  • £12,635

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  • "The experience was great. I had good feedback and excellent guidance. i'm positive the knowledge gained will be useful. I do not regret taking this course and i recommend others to take it too."
  • Allain Pierre, Seychelles
  • MSc Business Psychology, student
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